About us

R.G. Chem S.r.l. is a distributor of additives and polymers for the transformation of Plastic Materials.

R.G. Chem S.r.l. was founded by a team of people who, thanks to their decades of experience acquired in the Polymers and related processing Additives sectors, has the ambition to offer themselves as the ideal partner that is able to satisfy the most sophisticated technical and commercial needs.

The typology of the products proposed by R.G. CHEM S.r.l. focuses on:

  • Chemical Specialties (Additives).
  • Basic Polymers (such as PVC, PE)

Our range of additives is particularly appreciated for enhancing the characteristics of appearance, properties and ease of processing in the manufacturing of high quality level products, contributing to the curbing of processing costs.

Our Additives are employed in different fields of application such as:

  • Transformation of Plastic Material through Extrusion, Calendering and Moulding processes
  • Production of Rigid and Plasticized PVC Compounds
  • Production of rubber Compound