Ours Services


R.G. Chem is the ideal partner for the operators in the plastics market. Thanks to the experience and the professionalism acquired over the years, R.G. Chem is able to offer to its customers, anywhere in the world they are, high value-added and a proper cost-benefit services so they are able to  address theglobal market with maximum efficiency and flexibility. Among the many services offered by R. G. Chem, we can  remember:

  • high and constant quality of products supplied;
  • monitoring of the quality and competitiveness capability of our suppliers/partners;
  • Continue development of the products range by finding alternative materialsand / or new technology to improve the technical and marketing application’s performance;
  • Capability to interact with the market to identify the technical and commercial requirements and capability to remove problematic;
  • Constant orientation to contain marketing costs to meet customer needs and to increase the competitiveness of our products;
  • Availability of warehouses located in the northern and southern Italy to achieve speed and punctuality of our deliveries;
  • A reputed capability to provide technical support to optimize application and performances of our products to the related applications.